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Your phone system and network cabling provide the backbone of your business communication systems. We understand that communication is not just the hub of all your business activity but also the lifeline of your business. With over 30 years of experience, we are a source of communications knowledge and expertise for our many customers throughout Richmond, Virginia and the surrounding areas. Our own success is reflected through their successes.

Our Story

Simplifying Communication
Since 1985

Computer Telephone Technologies has over 30 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Our expert team specializes in providing solutions to your business’ communications needs, from audio/visual solutions to network cabling to phone systems, in Richmond and most of Virginia.

As a well established and highly knowledgeable company, we understand that your business depends on a reliable communication system —when communication breaks down, your business breaks down. That’s why we offer solutions and systems from some of the top manufacturers of communication equipment. Our highly-experienced staff are experts at uncovering the communication needs that are unique to your business, and helping you design systems that will do what your business requires today as well as in the future.

Not only are our expert technicians trained to install, maintain, and repair new equipment, we are one of the few service providers in the Richmond area who will still service old equipment. We understand that new phone or communication systems can sometimes have a disruptive effect on your business, not to mention added expense. Now you have the flexibility to stick with the system you are happy with and the confidence in knowing that we will still support you.

Expert, Quality Service
For New or Old Systems

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your phone system, install new audio/visual equipment, or expand your network infrastructure, you’ll find that the sheer number of options can be overwhelming. This is where Computer Telephone Technologies comes in. Our industry knowledge and experience allow us to cut through all those choices and work with you to design the systems that will not only help your business run more efficiently now, but also prepare your business for the future.

Our new phone system’s features really elevate our customer’s call in experience and makes our employee’s jobs easier. The installation went without a hitch and we received thorough training on all of the new features. Can’t go wrong with CTT if you’re looking for a new phone system.

I needed to upgrade my surveillance system. The last company did an OK job at best. CTT did a great job! Great cleanup and professional installation. Very top notch! I would not hesitate to use them again, although this upgrade will last for another 10 years!

CTT is the best security solution integration company I have ever dealt with. They help tailor your security needs to your company and they will not sell products you don’t need. I recommend CTT when anyone I know needs communication or security installation service.

We hired CTT to install some CAT6 network cable at our new location. They were very professional, everything is labeled perfectly, and they left the space cleaner than they found it. I would highly recommend CTT to anyone that needs to have network cabling installed.

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